Method Labs
Real Process, Real Easy

Management Team

Jason Robbins, Ph.D.
Founder, CEO
Dr. Robbins is the original author of the popular ArgoUML design tool and is a founding member of the software engineering community. He has published over twenty refereed papers on software engineering and usability, and has taught software engineering at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Robbins brings to Method Labs over 20 years of software development experience including work for companies such as Rockwell, Allen-Bradley, Blizzard Entertainment, and CollabNet.

About Method Labs

Method Labs was founded to maximize the value of the intersection between traditional software engineering methodologies and today's fast-paced commercial software development industry. Traditional methodologies are strong on control and repeatability, whereas today's software industry also needs faster time to market and easier management of distributed resources. By paying attention to the fundamentals and focusing on usability, customization, and adoptability, we have identified several sweet spots that yield the best of both worlds.

Method Labs is now the world's largest supplier of web-based software engineering document templates, with customers and partners on four continents. The ReadySET Pro product provides our enterprise customers with a valuable development aid that greatly speeds and guides key process steps.

Upcoming products in our product line will add automation and strengthen knowledge-support, while maintaining our high standards for usability, customization, and adoptability.

Method Labs is privately held and not accepting investment proposals at this time.