Method Labs
Real Process, Real Easy


Real software process improvement requires the participation of everyone on the team. Method Labs design products for use by the entire team, including managers, executives, developers, and contractors. We back that up by offering a complete range of on-site training.


We realize that customization is key to adoption of software tools and processes. Our products are built with customization in mind and we offer customization services to fit your needs.


Method Labs is primarily focused on delivering products that meet our customer's needs. However, not all software development organizations are alike. We have experience working with customers to determine the best solution for them. Services offered include:

  • Custom-written requirements specifications and test plans
  • Evaluation of your current software process
  • Documentation of your software development methodology
  • Software process improvement plans tailored to your organization
  • Project plan review and risk assessment
  • Project document review and recommendations
  • Project postmortem review facilitation